Saturday, April 26, 2014

First Post - A Litte Background and our Lot choice!

After a friend of my boyfriend had a great experience with recently building his home through Ryan Homes we looked into them. We also looked at a few other builders, but none of their homes impressed us like Ryan Homes, so here we are!

We found our perfect community soon after deciding we liked Ryan Homes as our builder. We're going to be right by a canal and it only adds a little bit more to each of our commutes. The lot is a little smaller than if we were to go to a more expensive community or to a community more south but 1)We like to save money and 2)going south = awful commute.

We had two lots to pick from. One lot was the largest lot they offer, and was flat. We really liked those aspects but it was closer to the road. The second lot was smaller and we would get a walk out basement. I think we would rather have a flat lot but the walk out lot is beautiful! It's closer to the water and our view from the back yard is protected wet land with cat tails and trees. We decided the second lot was our perfect lot!

As of now we have a hold on our lot and will be going to sign the papers tomorrow! I'll create a separate post on our selections (as of now).

Our Beautiful Lot - Full lot 

View from our future back yard!

Our puppy Loki - Can't wait til he can run around in our yard!


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