Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Quick Update

I have been MIA for a really really long time! I don't have pics for you (Sorry!) but I figured I'd just check in about stuff.

The Good Stuff
  • We truly love our home. I love our elevation, our upgrades, everything really.
  • Love the lay out. It's so nice having an open floor plan when we have people over.
  • I'm really glad we chose to put the TV on the wall separating our office and great room. This allows us to see the TV from the kitchen which makes cooking much more enjoyable, and I don't feel as left out when a game is on and I'm making food.
  • Big shower! No regrets about getting the Roman Shower versus a tub and smaller shower. We NEVER take baths so it wasn't worth it to us and it was a great decision. I love having two shower heads!
  • Cabinets - Really glad we upgraded these to the color we wanted and to the higher quality. Definitely worth it.
  • Quality - so far the overall quality seems very good! We've had barely any problems and we credit that a lot to our PM and his team. They clearly care about their work and it shows. I think your home all depends on the construction team and doesn't have as much to do with Ryan Homes
  • Upgrade carpets/carpet pad - This was a really good decision for us. I know some people HATE carpet but I really don't mind it and the level C carpet we got is so soft on my feet!

The Not So Good Stuff

There's not too much to tell here but we already have some things we need fixed at our 10 month check in.

  • Nails pops - This isn't really a "bad" thing since it's completely normal but we have definitely noticed some. I think the number we have seen is below average though.
  • The molding on the stairs is separating from the wall. It looks like they REALLY filled it in with caulk to compensate for the gap. Definitely will be asking about this.
  • Our breaker switches kept flipping. A few times a week a random room/area would lose power and we'd have to go to the garage and flip the switch. It was just really annoying. We had someone come out and look at it with Ryan Homes and it hasn't done it since (apparently it was a really simple fix).
  • Toilets - Our basement toilet is terrible at flushing and the downstairs toilet isn't much better. We had our PM look at this at our 1 month inspection and he basically just told us we need to hold down the handle for a few seconds rather than just pushing it down. I think that's a stupid solution but whatever. They say it's because they're the water saving toilets but my parents have one and they definitely work a lot better than ours. Oh well.
  • There aren't enough places to hang towels in the upstairs bathrooms. The places you could put an extra towel rack are kind of awkward and far from the tub and the one they installed in the secondary bath is over the toilet which is also kind of weird. Not a big deal but kind of frustrating!
  • The Paint they use is seriously horrible! This isn't a huge deal because we plan to paint anyway but everything marks up the walls. Everything. Plus, once there's a mark, it isn't going anywhere, and they're impossible to scrub off. I wish it was at least a little better because we were only planning on doing the first floor with paint at first so now we either need to shell out extra money to get decent paint on the walls upstairs or just live with the crappy paint for awhile.

All in all, not bad! We are really happy with everything and to be honest, I really thought we'd run into more problems by now (knock on wood).

Hope everything is going well with everyone else!


  1. Oh my gosh, I have an entire page on pinterest dedicated tomtowel hanging ideas.MIT drives me nuts. Glad for the update and happy you are enjoying the house.

    1. Haha I'm glad I'm not the only one!!

  2. Ummmmm.... Pictures please.....

    Sounds like everything is going great. Same issues here with the drywall/trim work being garbage. Overall everything else is good.

    1. I need to take pictures! I'm such a slacker! I was so busy through the holidays and got lazy! Hopefully I'll post pictures soon.

  3. I like all the choices that you made. We built a Palermo 17months ago. We went with a brick front. We didn't even know there were other elevations except for the first 3. We did what you did and replaced the flooring. We did it ourselves and saved a lot of money. Plus we got what we wanted. We didn't get a fireplace so our tv is between the windows. After seeing where you put your tv I may need to reconsider.

    You can find me on pinterest & instagram under the name Joybucket.

    1. Thanks Susan! We're loving the Palermo floor plan! The only thing is that it's hard to rearrange furniture since we have the fireplace on one wall so our sectional only fits in one spot really.

      Doing the floors later was definitely a great decision! Saved SOOO much money.

  4. Hi, the trim separating is a humidity/temperature issue and everyone goes through that. Its exacerbated by small (or not so small) kids running up and down the stairs. You wont be able to slow them down so ust grab your caulk. Expect to touch it up annually. The paint is actually a very flat sheen where the advantage is being able to paint over suffs and abrasions and barely being able to see where it occurred. For a surface that is easier to clean you need to go more with a satin or semi gloss.

    1. Thanks Steve! That makes sense! The gap is HUGE though so I was kind of surprised! My parents built their house and that never happened with theirs so I was thrown off by it.

      We actually have all of our paint bought and we got some good quality paint that's scrubbable. That paint they use (aka the paint we're stuck with for a year) is just total crap quality and doesn't have much to do with it being flat. I definitely wouldn't expect them to get expensive paint (because I wouldn't either if I were them) but it's frustrating to live with until we can paint!

  5. We very much appreciate your blog and the detail you have posted! Thanks so much!

    We just started our Ryan Homes build and will be blogging it here:

    We’re doing the relatively new Bateman floorplan!

    1. Thanks William! I'm so glad you find it helpful because that was my goal!

      I'm loving your floor plan! The one thing I'm not crazy about in my kitchen is the weird shaped island. Sometimes I'm okay with it and other times google how much it would be to replace (because I'm crazy), so I love that you guys get a normal one (I'm kind of jealous)! Good luck with your home!

    2. The Bateman wasn't available when we built, unfortunately. I really like how open the kitchen is to the morning room. I, too, have lookedinto how much it would cost to get rid of my funny shaped island. I would take the counter with my sink that divides the morning room and build an island with sink instead like the Bateman.

    3. I'm glad I'm not the only one! I was okay with the shape at first and my boyfriend REALLY wanted the upgraded island so we went with it, but the more I look at it the less I like it.

      I really like your idea with moving the sink to the new island! I thought about getting a quote from someone but deep down I know I could use my money on other stuff first and I'm kind of scared to know how much it would cost!