Sunday, May 18, 2014

FINAL Selections Meeting!

We had our final selections meeting today! This is it, no more changes allowed! The only two things we got an extension on is with Guardian selections and Creative Floors selections.

We know what we're getting with Guardian but when we called the guy back to finalize the paperwork with him he was randomly "out of town." Kind of annoying since he never told us this and he knew our final selections were due today. Since this was his fault we get a few more days so he can get his stuff together and send it in. The other change is that we saw that the soap dish in the tiled showers are white and look really out of place. We wanted to see if we could get something different (we saw on some blogs that some people got a shelf for an upgrade instead of that ugly soap dish). We tried calling them all week and they never responded so that is why we got an extension for that.

Other than that all choices have been made! Woo hoo!

Elevation E

Colors - Pebble Clay Siding/Shake, Black Shutters, Fiery brown door
(This is not a Palermo)

Powder Room
Recessed Lighting

Gourmet Island
Recessed Lighting
Ice maker Rough-in
Morning Room
Rushmore Maple Linen Cabinets - Standard Carpet (darkest color) - Vinyl

Linen Cabinets with Slate formica countertop

Stainless Appliance Upgrade - Premier II (Much better rating than the standard or first upgrade)

Fireplace - Slate

Double Vanity

White Cabinets - Tile shower/floors (Upgrade C)

White Cabinets - Tile Floors
2- Unfinished sections of basement
1- High on wall in Great Room for TV
1- Extra outlet on kitchen island
1- End of staircase
1- Extra in garage

Ceiling Fan rough-ins (7)
Carpet Pad - A
Carpet - Standard (darkest color they offered)

We feel good about all of our choices. We also found out that our loan was definitely approved!! 

Next Steps:
1) Hire our own home inspector
2) Pre-Construction Meeting - June 20th
3) Building starts!! - June 26th


  1. Hi! We are building a Ryan Home now. Can I inquire what blog you found the bottom Pebble Clay house? I would like to know the stone they used. Thanks!

    1. Hi! That's actually a picture my boyfriend took of a random person's house because we really liked the color. Sorry!

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  3. Hello - we are considering building a Palermo and would like to hear how you like your's now (after living in it for a while I assume!). When we walked through a model of it today I was surprised that it felt like the doorways upstairs were all narrower than the standard door width. The staircase also felt narrow. Have you noticed this? Opinions on how it does or doesn't affect you and your family? (we've got a 4 and 1 year old). Thanks!