Monday, May 12, 2014

Latest Updates

So we are definitely getting really excited but we are also really stressed!

For those of you who do not know, once you sign papers and receive your beautiful "SOLD" sticker you have a month to make any changes to your options/upgrades. This "month," however, is not really a month. We only got 14 days to make structural changes and 21 days to make any other changes (this may be different depending on your community). During this period you also have to schedule your appointments with Guardian and your flooring company. We had our appointment with Guardian last Friday and have our flooring appointment tomorrow.

Here's how it went with Guardian:

Overall, it was an okay visit. Our Guardian rep seemed pretty cool. Very low pressure. He said he's been doing this for about 20 years with Ryan Homes and Guardian. He claims that understands that it's our home and he can't convince us to get anything we don't want or need. We'll see what happens when we meet with him to pick our final choices.

Normally, people tend to have 1 visit with Guardian and pick everything then. Our rep is letting us take some time to think of what we want and create a game plan. Once we do that we can call him and set up another quick appointment to sign everything. He made it VERY clear though that it was our responsibility to call him and if we didn't call him in time then we would be stuck with just the standard options (I think those are 2 cat-5's and 2 cable).This option was definitely great for us because my boyfriend finds his TV very important. VERY important. I would give more details but I found myself zoning out during the meeting since I didn't understand anything they were saying. I'll let my boyfriend take care of that.


As for flooring, we definitely decided we don't want hardwood but then I saw that a lot of other bloggers got the laminate floors that resemble wood. After some research we decided laminate wood would be perfect for us because its durable and it still looks really nice. We have a husky and we're getting another one so hardwood would be doomed.

However ...... I contacted my Sales Rep and she told us that they stopped offering laminate hardwood last year. Then she tried to talk to us about hardwood prices again. It seems like they got rid of hardwood laminate so they can try to force you to get hardwood .. but hardwood isn't something we want and wouldn't work for us since we'll have two large energetic dogs .. It's just annoying that there is no way for me to get the type of floors that I want. I'm stilling hoping and praying that she was wrong and I'll see some laminate hardwood at our appointment tomorrow .. Crossing my fingers!


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