Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Shingles and Tubes

We made our weekly trip to our home this weekend and saw a finished roof! That was pretty much the only new thing on the outside of the house. I can't wait for siding!!




This past week they apprantely did plumbing and HVAC stuff. We got to see our AC unit, our secondary bath's tub, and our master shower's floor! We also saw our HVAC system and a bunch of other rough-ins. Kind of cool to see how they put everything in.

Secondary bath tub

Master shower floor


AC unit - it's a lot bigger than our neighbors - even the Rome's (bigger house than ours) but not sure why.

Wet Bar rough-in in basement

We also wrote some quotes on the beams. I originally got this idea from Pinterest, but I've seen a few other bloggers do it as well! We just wrote some feel good quotes that will give us some good ju-ju. It's also kind of cool to have our own little touch within the bones of the house.

By our future deck - "We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars" - Oscar Wilde

In the kitchen area - Something for myself and any future girls in our family to remember! "Be a girl with a mind, a woman with attitude, and a lady with class."

"You don't love someone for their looks, or their clothes, or their fancy car, but because they sing a song only you can hear." -Oscar Wilde

Man Cave - "The problem isn't the problem; the problem is your attitude about the problem." -Captain Jack Sparrow
By fireplace switch - "Happiness can be found in even the darkest of times, if one only remember to turn on the light." - Albus Dumbledore (I'll be Harry Potter nerd forever!)

A quick conclusion on the decking situation. As many of you know, we were told we were getting a Trex® deck (in writing) and then found out that it was actually a GeoDeck material deck. We let them know that this isn't okay since they told us we were getting a name brand, more expensive deck than we really were. We gave them an option of giving us a Trex deck or making it up to us by giving us some free additions like pendant lighting, etc.

In the end they decided it was best to give us Trex®. They explained to us that customer service is very important to them and giving us little extra things, such as lighting, wouldn't resolve the problem. We are now getting Trex's Enhance decking. There are three levels of Trex (Select- good, Enhance - Better, Transcend- Best), so it's very nice they're giving us the middle of the line decking. It comes with a nice warrantly against wearing and fading. In the end, we're pleased with the way they handled it. Would we have gotten anything if we hadn't asked? Probably not, but I can't really fault them for that. You HAVE to ask if you want something. This also proves that it's very important to get everything in writing!

We also did a little shopping yesterday. We didn't get any big appliances, because we're waiting to get those, but we got little things like curtain rods, storage containers, hand towels, etc. I saw that some of you got some awesome deals on appliances which is awesome! TIP: If you need curtain rods, and don't want to pay an arm and a leg for them, try Home Goods, TJ Maxx, or Marshalls. We got a 120" rod for $30 (covers all three morning room windows) and smaller ones (32-46") for $15 each. Not too bad. Originally, I was going to make our curtain rods from some pipes but this saved me a lot of time!

For awhile, I've been trying to think of what to put over our couch on the wall. I looked at Art shows and checked places like Marshalls/Home Goods countless times. I couldn't find anything I really liked. We finally toured the model in our community, since it just got fully finished a couple weeks ago, and I saw this really cool tree picture on the wall. It was simple and very pretty. I got inspired and decided to make my own version! We went to Michaels, and I got my canvas for 40% off, grabbed some paint and went to work! I'm very pleased with out it turned out!

Painting - It's pretty big (30" x 40")
I hope everyone had a nice holiday weekend!!


  1. So many updates! I have a million comments -
    1. The elevation you picked is so pleasing to the eye! I love the architectural lines!!!
    2. We are building a Rome and I've asked about the AC unit size as well. I've been told that because the house is so efficient and since there is no 2 story foyer or family room they can do a smaller unit. Not sure if that's true.
    3. Love that ya'll did the quotes on the walls! I really want to do this too!
    4. Yay for a nice quality deck and for Ryan committing to good customer service!
    5. Thanks for the tip on curtain rods - I need to start stacking up on those as well!
    6. LOVE your tree art - you are so talented!
    Yay for updates!

    1. 1. Thanks so much! I had to fight for this elevation! My bf would have been happy with any of them! I'm so glad I was able to convince him because I love it!
      2. Yea, I'm not sure about the AC. We don't have a loft or anything so idk why ours is so big. Our home is wider than most homes though. Who knows!
      3. Thanks! It gives it a personal touch!
      4. We're really glad they stuck to their word, and if we ever want to extend our deck or have to replace anything it will be much easier to color match a Trex product than a less known product.
      5. I swear by Home goods and they had some really nice curtain rods there! We got a bunch of them!
      6. Thanks!

  2. Oh you are moving right along, Lauren!

    As far as the AC I've made a bunch of friends in our subdivision. That's usually the first question I ask. None of them have any complaints so far. Trust me there have been a ton of other niggles about things, but never the AC. So I'm optimistic about that!

    House is looking amazing!

    1. It's going so fast! We even started packing!

      Yea, we were curious about the AC, but I'm sure they all work for their homes!

  3. The tree art looks amazing!! I love the quotes idea - we might have to do that... Also, great news about the deck! Everything seems to be moving right along with your house.

    1. Thanks! I think it turned out pretty well!

      The quote idea is really cute! I saw it on Pinterest and some other blogs and I had to do it!

  4. Good for you guys sticking to your guns about the deck. Also the painting is awesome. I have zero artistic drawing ability, so I always appreciate those that do. You guys will be in before you know it.

    1. Thanks! We definitely stick to our guns on things like this! I'm pretty sure that our SR is not my biggest fan, to say the least, but this is a big purchase!

      Thanks! My Bf is the same way. He's always fascinated that I can draw and paint! haha!

  5. High five! Everything is coming right along! I LOVE the quotes! I may need to borrow this idea from you. The wall art is super awesome and it looks amazing! Also, I am so happy to hear the news on the deck! You are so right about asking for what you want. I am glad things worked out for you! :-)

    1. Thanks Eboni! I borrowed the idea from other people so you should definitely borrow it from me! haha! We were very pleased to hear about the deck too! You have to ask for what you want or you won't get it!

  6. Will you please come to my house and paint things for me? :) and love to see people doing quotes on the bones! We did it and I swear I still smile when I walk past some of them!

    1. Haha! Of course! One day I'd love to get good enough to paint for other people!

      I loove the quotes! I did see that you did it! I love it! It's just a little extra special in the house!