Thursday, September 11, 2014

Update - Repairs

Yesterday, my boyfriend went down to the house to meet with the PM to check out the stuff he fixed that we noticed during our inspection. Our private home inspector sent us a full report on his findings with everything from suggestions to things he thought really needed to be fixed. We forwarded it along to our PM and he ended up fixing almost everything on there!

The gap in the roof was fixed, some loose nails were fixed, they completely replaced the one wall in the basement that was crooked, straightened the vents that were crooked. Those were all the things that really needed to be changed.

He also went the extra mile and added attic access in one of the bedrooms. The bedroom with the fancy big window has a separate attic area that would have been unaccesible once drywalled so he threw in an access door in case problems ever arise in the future up there. He also checked in on why they had a return vent and supply vent right next to each other. It was per plan but it doesn't make sense so he moved one of them down the hall(In case your wondering about this - it doesn't make sense because the supply vent would be pushing out cold or hot air and the return vent would be sucking it right back up which could have caused problems with AC and heat upstairs).

I was also informed by my BF that most, if not all, of insulation has been installed. They're also going to move the speaker wires in the greatroom back where we wanted them. We want our surround sound coming from behind us and right now it would be coming from the ceiling in front of us.

They should be starting drywall and siding today! He said drywall takes a long time (2 weeks) in our community because of the humidity and the fact that we're near a canal. There's so much moisture in the air that it's taking a while for everything to dry and seal up. He did say, though, that we are on schedule! He also said he'd let us know when they started the siding because we're really excited to see it!

Overall, we're really happy with our PM. Would we recommend Ryan Homes? I'm not so sure. Would we recommend our PM? Absolutely.


  1. I feel the same way. At this point I probably wouldn't recommend Ryan Homes. I would recommend our PM so far, because he's been super responsive and very pleasant. But from the sales end that would be a great big NO.

    I'm glad it's going so quickly! We were rained out pretty badly yesterday so I will be making the trip later to see if we have a second floor. Ha ha. I swear, it barely rained here over the spring or early summer. Now it won't stop...

    How's that couch coming along?

    1. I don't blame you for not recommending the sales staff! Your SR sounds awful!

      We have had no rain! We've been really lucky! Hopefully the rain will calm down for you so things can get moving!

      I haven't worked on the couch in forever! My mom is helping me since I'm not much of a sewer and it's a two person job but she's been working every weekend (she's a nurse so her hours are crazy!). So basically, we've had opposite schedules. I think she's cut out some of the fabric but I'm not sure! I'll definitely post pictures when we're done!

  2. We are on the exact same schedule! That's crazy that it will take so much longer for drywall because of the humidity. Glad they fixed the things they were supposed to! Fingers crossed all goes well from here on out!

    1. We are! Neck and neck! I know! I was surprised about the drywall too but it makes sense! Two weeks for drywall though? Blah! I'm just glad we're still on schedule!

  3. It seems like most things went well for you. How did the drywall and siding go? There’s nothing much anyone can do about it once the humid weather sets in, so I hope everything that needed to be fixed back then were fixed right on time. Good luck with the move!

    Helene Raymond @ Trade Squad

    1. Hi Helene!

      Things did go pretty well for us (after the whole lot confusion debacle). Drywall and siding went well. So far, siding is still in good shape (I know some people who have had some peel off), but our drywall is not great at all .. Our friend built with Ryan Homes though and said their drywall was really bad but they did a great job fixing it which is great news!