Friday, July 18, 2014

Okay .. I really need to stop shopping!

I can't stop! It's like a sickness! haha I just can't stop shopping. If I see a deal on something we could use for the house I just get it! lol! I need to be saving money, buuut that's not going too well.....

Anyways, I thought I would share what I have been spending my money on and some other things that will be in our home while we wait to break ground on our home!

So the first thing I'll share is the couch we are getting. We're saving some money by not buying a couch right away. Currently, all we have are these black leather theater recliner chairs. If it were up to my boyfriend that is all we would have/need for the rest of our lives .. obviously, that's not really an option, so a family friend is giving us their couch and a matching chair. The only part I'm a little scared of is that it's red ... I probably never would have picked out a red couch, because I tend to go with neutrals since I change my mind all the time, but free is free. Plus, I'm starting to like the idea of one big pop of color. I'm just not sure my interior decorating skills are up for that challenge, BUT I am going to try, and I think I'm starting to get a vision!

I want to see if we can maybe purchase a small love seat in a neutral color like a soft tan/linen color too. I think this would soften the boldness of the red couch. I probably won't put the matching chair in the same room either. I also know I need to incorporate little bits of red here and there in the rooms so that the couch doesn't look completely out of place, so I started to look around for some throw pillows I could work with. I then found these beauties!! The pillows from Homes Goods are reversable (Red side & White/Grey/Blue slide — Blue Stripes side & Teal diamond side)
White Pillow- TJ Maxx / Others- Home Goods
I think the white pillow will pull in the trim and cabinets, the pillow with the red colors will pull the couch into the space, and the blues go with the bits of blue in the the other pillows. I'm considering using blues in the space somewhere else too (maybe in the curtains?) because I love blues and blue-greys). Hopefully, I'll be able to pull everything I want together in the end. I like the idea of contrasting patterns and colors, but I just don't want them to compete TOO much and end up looking clashy (or like the American flag ...).
I also got another wonderful piece of furniture at the Habitat for Humanity re-store (I have a problem .. I'm obsessed with that store). It's an old Ethan Allen piece. It was a little bit pricier than I would typically spend ($150), but I love the shape and it's really well made. Plus, I looked up prices of Ethan Allen pieces on their website and all of their buffet tables were priced at $600 minimum!! This piece is pretty scratched up so I'm going to have to do something to make it work. I think I may sand the top and restain it. The scratches on this piece are pretty deap so sanding down the entire thing sounds like a nightmare so I may paint some of it instead of sanding, staining, and sealing the entire piece. I'll figure it out, but I'm pretty excited about it, because I love the piece overall.
Ethan Allen buffet table
In other news .. we still haven't heard back from our PM so I kind of don't think we'll break ground this week :( .. In brighter news we pick our puppy up this Sunday! We also got his fancy shmancy new dog tag delivered! I love it, AND my sister is coming home from California this week! Pretty pumped! I haven't seen her in almost a year so I can't wait!
I hope everyone else's homes, lives, and shopping ventures are going well too!



  1. Oh, I had to stop shopping since we have zero room left in our storage! I'm jealous of the shopping! Ha ha!

    I hope the break ground for you soon. We just got the call that our pre construction meeting is 8/4 and ground breaking that week.

    Slowest. 2. Weeks. Ever

    1. Haha that's how it was for us for a while! I was forbidden from buying anything else because our apartment was about to explode! Luckily, my parents have a HUGE unfinished basement that they are letting me use some of it for storage but now that's even starting to get tight (the rest of the basement is filled with all of my dad's tools and holiday decorations)... I just need to cool it with spending money, because I should be saving money for the tons of stuff we'll realize we need after we move in that we never thought of! Haha

    2. I know! I was just thinking about blinds... and ceiling fans....

      Those are our two biggies. Blinds/drapes are going to cost a fortune.

    3. Omgosh I know! I'm thinking of trying to make our curtains but I'm not really good at sewing ... I was thinking of towels for the kitchen and all of the bathrooms. Blinds are a big one too ... so much stuff that will all add up quickly!

  2. Oh! I am so jealous of being able to shop too! I can't wait! I have a hard time visualizing what I want to do. I need to work on some mood boards for each room. Thank goodness for Pinterest!
    Have you heard of Annie Sloan chalk paint? Your buffet that you picked up would be so pretty if you painted it with the chalk paint and did new drawer pulls. I love re-purposed/imagined furniture!

    1. I LOVE pinterest! haha!

      I have heard of Annie Sloan chalk paint! I love it! I just tried it for the first time about 2-3 weeks ago (I have some before and after pictures on some previous posts). I love getting old abandoned/cheap furniture and bringing them back to life!

  3. Did someone say shopping eh'? I love to shop (especially if I can land a deal)!!! My last splurge was this past week on my girls trip to Toronto. No more shopping my way for a while so I will get my fix through you and the rest of my blogger family!

    I totally believe you will be able to make the room pop with the red! I love the red and it's very fun! Can't wait to see what you do with it!

    1. I'm with you! I can't pass up a deal either! I'm a little jealous of your vacation though! We decided no vacation this year because of the house. This house is eating up a lot of my vacation days! haha!

      Yea, I'm hoping a can make the red work! It's going to be a bit more challenging than a neutral color. I like that its a fun and vibrant color though!