Tuesday, July 1, 2014

From Trash to Treasures (and other awesome purchases)

So while we await our pre-construction meeting, we have been making some future home purchases, and by we, I mean I have been making home purchases.

Two I am most excited about are my purchases from the Habitat to Humanity Re-store. My total bill was $60 for a really big old mirror and a side table. They definitely need some work, but the table is sturdy and well made and has a good shape, and the mirror is really big and detailed!
Here is the mirror - It was $50 - It sounds expensive but it is really big and well made! After looking at mirrors online I know I couldn't get anything this size/quality even close to that price. I scrubbed it a ton (it looks like it accumulated dirt for about 1,000 years), but I really like the size and the detail. I'm debating if I want to paint it or not. I'd either do something antiquey with chalk paint or paint it a bold color like bright blue or black. The gold is growing on me though .. decisions ..

Here is the side table. It looks really old which I kind of love. I'm have some ideas for this baby. Definitely will be painting it. I may sand and restain the top and then paint the rest of it white or an antique gray.
We also bought some other stuff as well. I bought a rug for the foyer, a big clock for over the fireplace, a shower curtain for the hall bath, new dog bowls, and we bought two ceiling fans (we took a fellow blogger's idea (Marissa Gordon - Rome of our Own) of picking up ceiling fans gradually until the house is built, so thanks Marissa!!). We also got our new floors!!! Yayyyy! I mentioned earlier in this blog that we got standard vinyl flooring in our foyer, mudroom, kitchen, and morning room with Ryan Homes, but we plan on replacing this immediately with different floors. We did this because Ryan's flooring upgrades were just too overpriced for what we would want. We ended up purchasing a really pretty laminate. I know there are a lot of people with strong feelings against laminate but honestly, it is beautiful and textured and looks like wood, plus it is scratch resistant. Hardwood floors would have been much more expensive (about 3x) and would have been destroyed with two large dogs and future children, so laminate just makes sense!
Rug for our foyer - Love it! Simple yet unique - On sale from West Elm ($79 for 3'x5')

Clock for over the Mantel - (Fun Fact - the 4 roman numeral looks wrong but in history both IIII and IV were used interchangeably in ancient Rome, and IIII is common to use on clocks instead of IV) - Wayfair for $58 (30" clock)
Shower Curtain for hall bath - Got this from Anthropologie on sale - Love it! I think it will go well with our grey ceramic floors too!
 Fan for Great Room - It's a dark black/brown color in person. We wanted a fan with lights because otherwise the Great Room is really dark (our friend has a Ryan Home and he just has a couple table lamps and it's still so dark!). Got this guy from Home Depot.

This is our fan for our bedroom. We didn't really think we needed a light on this one. This is a bigger fan and was more expensive, but my boyfriend LOVES fans and has to have on a million while he's sleeping. We basically sleep in a wind tunnel. Also from Home Depot.
 We got these bowls from Etsy. They're handmade by two artists (I think they're a couple). The guy makes the bowls by hand on a pottery wheel and the woman decorates them by hand, glazes them, and fires them. We're getting one in grey and turquoise blue that says Loki and the second in grey and bright green that says Bear. They're a little pricey but they're adorable and I love supporting artists like this. Here's a link to their website if you're interested. They also make mugs and cookie jars and stuff like that too. (Just FYI - They take a while to make personalized items since they have a good amount of orders to fill and they're all handmade).
Here are our floors! They're darker in real life (the pictures makes them look about 2-3 shades lighter than in person). Love them! So excited we got them and have them ready to put down right away! Obsessed!

I also finished my painting of Loki for our Mudroom. I may work on it some more because I'm not 100% happy with it (I'm pretty new to painting - Pencil drawing is my thing and I'm used to my work looking a lot more realistic), but overall, I think it's cute.
That's pretty much it. I also got a metal trash can that I'm going to spray paint and use as a dog food container. I may tackle that this weekend. Hope everyone has a great holiday!


  1. I LOVE all of the things you have gotten so far and cannot wait to see what you do with the mirror and table. :) And those bowls are adorable. We just recently put our dog down and have plans to get a new one when our home is finished. I'll have to keep that shop in mind, because I love supporting small shops. They always have the best things. Cannot wait till the day you install your floors - they are beautiful!! :)

    1. Thanks! I'm trying keep my spending under control! haha.
      I'm so sorry to hear about your dog :( I've been there and it's so hard! I agree about small shops, though. They always have the most unique stuff!

  2. I think laminate is an awesome choice and part of me kinda wishes we went with that on our 1st floor. We put laminate in our 1st house in Florida and it was awesome, it looked great, was really durable and was so easy to clean. We did have laminate as a choice in our community, but they gave us hardwood in the foyer, powder room and kitchen standard, so to keep it all the same we just went with the hardwood in the dining and living rooms. My biggest concern is cleaning the hardwood, especially in the kitchen. Since we can't use a steam mop, I might have to go buy one of those pricey deep cleaners made especially for hardwood.

    1. If they gave us hardwood standard we would have done it too! When we looked at the upgrade prices for us though with hardwood it was just way more than we really wanted to spend. Then I did some research on hardwood vs. laminate and laminate just made sense with two large and energetic dogs. I'm sure your hardwood will look beautiful! If I had any cleaning tips I would definitely share them but I've never had hardwood! Good luck with your home and thanks for the ceiling fan idea!

  3. I love the laminate. We have a good amount of laminate in our house now, and with three German Shepherds it has held up wonderfully. We did wood through the first floor of the Naples, and I know it's going to be a struggle to keep it clean!

    I can't wait to see your refinished mirror and table!

    Let's hope for a smooth build from here on out for both of us!

    1. Good to hear your laminate held up to three German Shepherds! I think all floors are hard to keep clean when you have 3 dogs haha! I feel like all I do is vacuum and mop!

      I finished the mirror and table this past weekend! Love how they turned out! I posted pictures on my latest post.

      Yes, I'll be crossing my fingers for a smooth build for both of us!

  4. You go girl! I love a great DIY and you did a great job bringing everything back to life! I look forward to doing more DIYs myself once I have more space. I love the dog bowls as well. I just looked at their items and they have some great pieces. Once I figure out where Diesel (our Yorkie) will be, I will coordinate his bowls to that room/place. Congrats on your home and I will continue to follow your progress!

    1. Haha thanks! I love DIY stuff too! I already have a few other stuff planned. We're moving from an apartment so pretty much only own a bedroom set and some recliner chairs so we're starting from sratch almost! Love the name Diesel by the way! So cute!