Monday, June 23, 2014

The Waiting Game

I haven't blogged since I made the announcement of our final decision, so I figured I'd give a quick update.

As we anticipated, our start date got pushed back. It definitely is annoying that this happened, but we figured they would have to push it back after that debacle we faced. Our original start date was going to be June 26th. It would have been awesome to start this building process in only 3 days, buuut oh well. I'm hoping they can maybe start a little sooner with everything since we decided to build the same home model, but I'm not holding my breathe.

New Time-Line
Pre-construction Meeting - July 14th
Start Date - July 17th
Picking up our Puppy! - July 19th
Anticipated Close Date - Late October/Early November

In other news ...

We changed out exterior colors when we changed lots. Once we moved lots it opened up a lot of color options for us for the exterior of our home. Originally, we were going to do Pebble Clay siding and shake with black shutters and a firey brown door. Now, we are going to do Sandy Tan siding, Pebble Clay shake, black shutters, and a cottage red door! Pretty excited about the two-toned siding and a bright red door! I'll try and post pictures at some point of the colors.

Overall, we're feeling much calmer and more positive about everything. We ended up getting more bang for our buck by switching lots, I got to pick any color I wanted for the exterior, we have a bigger lot, the shape of our lot makes our back yard the biggest part (which is awesome for our dogs), and we're getting a deck.

Now I'm just entertaining myself by thinking of DIY projects I can do for the house. I have already lined up quite a few, including building our kitchen table, painting some pictures, transforming an old metal trashcan into a stylish dog food container, and possibly reupholstering a chair. I also have been gradually picking up some stuff for the house. I got a really nice crate from Home Goods that we can put in the living room to hold blankets, and I got these awesome bowls from Anthropologie for only $1.95 each!

I also got this adorable bottle opener that looks like a Seal from Anthropologie for $5.95. Love him!
It's the little things in life ... 

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