Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Here are some pictures of the lots we have to choose from. Lot 230 is our current lot that our Palermo won't fit on. If we go with this lot we have to switch to the Milan. Lot 225 is the bigger lot (but not as pretty) that we can build our Palermo on.
Lot 225 - Now/Summer (There is some glare from the sun coming up)

Lot 230 - Now/Summer

Lot 225 - March

Lot 230 - March


  1. I think I like 230 better. What size are the lots?

    1. I like 230 better too .. 230 is our current lot (the one we would have to get the Milan) and 225 is the lot we would have to change to for the Palermo to fit.

      Lot 230 - About 0.17 acres
      Lot 225 - About 0.22 acres

      So 225 isn't as pretty, but it is bigger. The lot also gets wider in the back while 230 gets narrower in the back (they're pie shaped lots). We also heard back from Ryan in regards to what they're going to give us if we move to Lot 225 .. They won't charge us the $2500 premium for that lot (since it's a bigger lot than most in that community) and they'll split a deck with us 50%-50% so they would pay about $6200 and we would pay $6200 (it's a composite deck). I'll make a more detailed post at some point about all of it and their reasoning for everything.