Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Soooo .. Our home is too big for our lot now???

We got some pretty bad news last night on the home front.

Our SR emailed my boyfriend about our home telling us that our Palermo is too wide to fit on the lot we chose .. Apparently, the Egineers measured wrong on the blueprints or something so they thought it would fit, but it can't. Nice, right? You would think they would have double checked before they had us sign a bunch of contracts, but I guess that's too much to ask ....

Their solution was for us to take one of our neighbors lots (they're on a contingency contract) and then they would have to move lots. Awesome. "You can just take their lot .. no big deal." So we went to the community and looked at the lots. We still really like our lot a lot more than the other one they want us to take from our neighbor.

Basically, we came to the conclusion that this doesn't fly. We need to be compensated for this mistake. It's not a small mistake .. at all. It's funny because they're acting like it's not a big deal and "it happens from time to time." I understand some homes don't fit on certain lots, but shouldn't you know that before you have someone sign a contract?

**As I was writing this post our SR emailed my boyfriend again and told him that, oh wait .. the lot that we want you to take from your neighbor is also too small! Whoops! The only lots that will fit our home are not even comparable to the lot we picked out... I'm beyond annoyed right now and truthfully we don't know what to do. The only thing I am really willing to accept at this point is them letting us pick one of the other (more expensive) models and letting us build that at no extra charge (with the same options we currently have).

I'll keep things updated .. Hopefully this all works out.


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