Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Ryan's Offer - Update

Around 5:00 last night we heard back from our SR about their final offer for building our Palermo on Lot 225.

1. We would not have to pay the $2500 lot premium - (It's a bigger lot than others in the community by like 0.03-0.05 acres so there's a "small" premium on the lot)

2. They will split the cost of a composite deck with us 50%-50%. (We asked for a 14x22 ft deck). This deck is around $12,500 so we would each pay around $6,250.

That's it. They said because we already got the discount of a finished basement (this was an incentive for using NVR for our mortgage), and because they already gave us about $10,000 off in the beginning that they think giving us the lot for free and paying for half a deck is enough.

I don't really think the incentive that was offered to everyone on our street should really count as a discount for us in this situation, but what are you gonna do? It really comes down to the fact that, as a business, they really don't need us. They are about 8 months ahead of schedule with sales because this community sold FAST. (Not the kind of fast that they always tell you about so you hurry and buy in panic .. I mean fast in that we looked in March and almost all lots were open and now its early June and all but 3 are sold.) They know they can easily sell these lots without us which gives us very little negotiation power.

So here are our options - I want to decide by tomorrow or Friday.

Option 1 - Move our Palermo to the other lot and have them pay for half of our deck.

Option 2 - Go with the Milan and see if they can get the price low enough that we can afford this option (since the Milan starts at a higher price).

My boyfriend is leaning towards Option 1 and I think I'm leaning towards Option 2. My thinking is, ask if we can get the Milan at a price we can afford. If we can't afford the price they offer then Option 1 becomes our only option. Done. My boyfriend just really likes the idea of a deck. I get that, but you can always build a deck .. you can't move your house. Too stressful. I think I'm losing my mind! Haha!

I know it will all work out in the end, but we both just wan't to make the best decision. I know I could live with the new lot .. I mean, I'm lucky enough to have the opportunity to build a home in the first place, and I can just plant trees to block off the guy's yard behind me .. but I also don't want to settle.

Ah! I need to develop powers to see the future! That would make things sooo much easier.

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  1. Hmmm...I would probably just try to get the house you want. You have to see the walls and rooms for 30 years possibly. Have you priced what it would cost to build a deck on your own or hire someone? I think $12K+ might be overpriced, as is most of Ryan's options. I had my Guardian rep tell me straight up that if I waited to do install my surround sound speakers it would be 20-30% cheaper to complete it after closing using Guardian because Ryan marks the prices up. I assume it is the same with any options they offer. That is why I only opted for pre-wire for speakers and I will finish installation later.