Friday, November 28, 2014

Progress, Progress, Progress!





We have been busy! We finalized a bunch of stuff this past Wednesday ... aka 2 days ago. I finally finished the floor (well most of it .. not the trim, but I can't even think about that right now!)! I will be taking pictures (hopefully tomorrow) and put up some before and afters. It looks great! I looove it and I love that it's basically finished even more! Putting down flooring is quite a process and very time consuming. I'm also convinced the weird shape of the area I did made it more difficult. A lot of angles, a lot of door frames, a lot of obstacles (going around that island).

I also finished the table! It is finally complete! It has been built and stained for quite awhile, but I started slacking when I had to polyurethane it. I got laaazy. So I finally finished putting several layers of poly on and screwed everything together and I love it!

Here are some pictures! You also get to see the newly installed floor as well!

That is one sexy table! (If I do say so myself)

All ready for Thanksgiving dinner

Chairs are from Ikea! Very comfy and cute!

I'll be sure to take more pictures of the rest of the house. Everything is pulling together really nicely! I just haven't had time and our home was a mini construction zone for awhile due to the floor.

Other than that, we celebrated Loki's first birthday! He got to go to Dog Daycare (one of his favorite places in the whole world) and they took this adorable picture of him. I thought I'd share because he's just so darn cute (I may be a bit bias).

The dogs are also enjoying their new fenced in yard. We, on the other hand, have a love/hate relationship with it due to the digging and mud (Sod makes the yard really soggy for awhile).

Muddy dogs = happy dogs
I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving!
Loki Approved!
Now it's time to decorate for Christmas!! Is anyone else as excited as I am?? I love decorating for Christmas!


  1. I hope your Thanksgiving was plentiful! I know I am late to the party but your table is amazing!!! Those chairs look great as well. What a great buy at Ikea!

    Happy bday Loki!

    1. Thanks Eboni! I love some Ikea! Hope everything is going well with you guys and your home!