Thursday, November 13, 2014


So I figured I'd pop in and do a quick post/update.

Things have been good! We're still loving our home as much as ever and we're still pretty busy! We've slowed down a good amount just because we were tired (not because we don't have stuff to do!). Over the past few weeks we've:
  • Sealed the garage floor
  • Put the TV on the wall
  • Bought and installed our surround sound speakers in the great room
  • Had our fence installed
  • Installed all of our ceiling fans
  • Put up almost all the curtains (still need to do the morning room)
  • Put up shades in the Powder Room
  • Replanted the trees in the backyard
  • Planted a new tree in the front yard
  • Installed a lot of the floor!
Since then we've kind of stalled. Frankly, that floor made me exhausted! This past weekend my dad and I worked on it a little bit. We cut out the rest of gaps needed under door frames. I also added a few more rows in the morning room and finished the area at the bottom of the steps. From here, I think I'm just going to add a little bit here and there throughout the week. Eventually it will get done! It needs to get done! The fact that the floor is half finished is driving me crazy buuut I'm tired and don't want to do it anymore!

I also have to finish our table .. I am seriously a slacker!! I promise I'll have it done soon and post pictures!


Now that I talked about all the good stuff, I figured I'd mention some stuff that needs fixing. Overall, we haven't run into many problems at all but here's a list:
  1. Stain (or bleached spot) on Great Room carpet
  2. Nail pops in the hallway
  3. Toilet in basement barely flushes
  4. Toilet on 1st floor doesn't flush great (maybe the energy efficient factor??)
  5. Morning Room door is hard to open and close

Another problem, not related to the house quality, is that our dogs have destroyed a few things in our home already. Awesome, right? They chewed a banister and last night snuck away to pull up some of the carpet. They also dug up 3 or 4 of our trees so those trees have all been moved to the other side of the fence. Currently, we're trying to figure out how to make them stop. Any tips would be very much appreciated!

I hope everyone else is having great experiences!


  1. I can't wait to see the flooring. I'm sure it looks amazing. You guys have done a lot already! Just relax a little! Haha!

    Bleach spot? Maybe the cleaning crew? That's crappy if so. I've read that before about the toilets but have the PM take a look just to be sure.

    1. I'm definitely relaxing! There is so much to do though! Totally underestimated the amount of projects we need to complete.

      Yea .. It's like a little pink spot on the rug. I'm assuming its from the cleaning crew or they got something on the carpet during the closing process and whatever they used to clean it off bleached out the color. We'll definitely be talking to him about the toilets, especially the basement one.

      Hope everything is going well for you guys!

  2. Awesome! I too can't wait to see pics of all this greatness!
    I am sorry I do not have any tips for the dogs...I remember our first apartment (yes something we did NOT own), our Diesel clawed through an entire wall!

    1. I know! I need to get pics! I am slackin!

      An entire wall ??? Yikes! We may be making a dog room in our basement. I hate putting them in the crate all day, but I also hate having them destroy the house! Good thing they are cute!

  3. Try this for the carpet,

    1. Hmm .. that's a good idea! Thanks for the tip!

  4. Oh my! You guys are really settling in quite nicely. That list looks amazing, despite the problems. I'm with the commenters above, a picture update of your new home would be awesome. Hahaha! As for the dogs, I guess some training and a chew toy is in order. Anyway, thank you so much for sharing that! Until your next update!

    Martha Ward @ Son-Rise

    1. Thanks Martha! It has been a busy 2 months! I'll definitely be updating with pictures now that things are more in order!

  5. It’s good to hear that things on your home have been doing good. It’s great that you are settling in there real well. Anyway, we really can’t avoid to encounter problems in our house, especially in the toilet and kitchen. It's good to maintain the function of those, so you won't encounter any problems in the future. Thanks for sharing that! All the best!

    Lovella Cushman @ Perfection Plumbing

    1. Thanks Lovella Cushman! It's starting to finally feel like home! I just can't wait until after our 10 month check in so we can get the little problems addressed and so we can paint!