Monday, October 6, 2014

Building a table is hard!

We are only a little over 2 weeks away from closing!! What??!?!?! Where did the time go? Remember that I said I was going to build our kitchen table with my dad? Well, we started this weekend, and guess what .. we severely underestimated the time it would take! Haha! Oh well.

We worked on it all day Saturday and Sunday and got the top completed! This was the hardest part because you have to make sure the wood is all flush and flat, and wood is not perfect (who knew?), so all the boards were a little bowed in places. It took a lot of strength, quick drilling, and teamwork to get these boards straight and flush. I think it turned out pretty nice if you ask me!

We also got all of the wood cut for the legs of the table but haven't assembled it yet. This took a lot of cutting and prep work people!

So next steps include:
  • Drilling some holes to prep the pieces
  • Assembly of the legs
  • Sanding everything (this is probably going to take forever)
  • Stain (hopefully only 1 coat)
  • Strategically sanding to give it an older look
  • Polyurethane
  • Attach the top and the bottom
  • Done!

We also went by the house quickly this weekend to meet our fence guy. We talked to him and got things situated. We saw that they were installing carpet in the house so we didn't want to go in and get in the way!

Another change we saw is they put in the posts for the front porch (it's no longer being held up by scrawny looking wood).

She is looking pretty sexy if you ask me!

This week's Agenda:
  • The deck
  • Another round of grading (I think)
  • Final touches and adjustments (straightening cabinets, fixing paint here and there, etc).

There's really not much else to do! It's mostly just fixing tiny things and putting final touches on stuff. Lanscaping won't be done until about a week before closing so we won't see that for awhile. So exciting! We are so excited to move, but it's coming down to the wire!

To Do List:
  • Call water company
  • Call trash company
  • Call electric company
  • Get cable/internet ready
  • Pack
  • Get blinds
  • Get garage door opener
  • Finish reupholstering the ugly couch
  • Finish the table
  • Finish up my Grad School classes
Ahhh! So much stuff!

Hope everything is going well for everyone else!


  1. What a sexy beast she is! This is soooo funny that you are building this awesome table because I was just lurking at tables from Home Decorators and Restoration Hardware. I am loving the wood tables resembling the 17th century. I can not wait to see your finished product. :-)

    1. haha I love Restoration Hardware's tables! I've never heard of Home Decorators! This table is actually inspired by a Restoration Hardware table but supplies only cost me about $250 total so it's muuuch cheaper than buying it already made! haha!

  2. You'll probably need more than one coat unless you're using a gel stain. Also look into Monocoat if this is going to be a table with serious usage. If you were planning on using a cheap Minwax Poly or something like that, it won't hold up for long. In particular, if this is pine, which from pictures it looks like it is, it'll be stained and watermarked with usage without a great topcoat. But it looks like your Dad has a pretty nice shop setup, so I'm sure he knows what he's doing :) I love woodworking.

    1. Haha yes! He definitely knows what he's doing! Their basement looks like you're walking into a home improvement store with the amount of tools and saws down there. We'll definitely be sealing the top quite a bit. Ideally we would have done a hardwood but budget allowed pine (I don't really like how poplar stains/the look of the grain and that was the only hardwood that was in budget)!