Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Countdown & future projects

8 days from closing!!!

When looking through older Ryan Homes blogs I saw people counting down with the top 10 things they love about their new home. I thought it was really nice and a great way to get pumped up for the move, so I'm going to steal their idea!

10 Days from Closing - Having a home

Over the last 6 years I have not stayed in one place for more than a year. It was really a combination of college, studying abroad, graduating, moving to a new town, moving to a different town, and then moving in with my boyfriend. At the same time I never really fully moved out of my parent's house (you should see the amount of stuff I still have at their house ... lol!) I've never even bothered changing my license, mailing address, or doctors, because it just wouldn't make sense, so I would travel about an hour. As much fun as I've had the last 6 years, this constantly moving thing has gotten OLD. I really can't wait to have a place I can call home and hopefully we will be there for more than a year! haha!

9 Days from Closing - A yard for my dogs (with a fence)

I am so thankful that I have a home with a yard that my dogs can run around in! Now that our dog Loki is fully grown you can tell the apartment life is just not suiting him. You can tell he gets frustrated with the limited space, and I feel like a bad fur-baby parent! I really can't wait for them both to have room to not only run around the house, but go outside and not have to be on a leash of any sort! (I'm a little obsessed with my dogs .. if you couldn't tell).

8 Days from Closing - Our elevation

I had to fight for this one! My boyfriend didn't really see the value in upgrading to our pricier elevation, but I loved it! I love architecture (I ALMOST majored in it in school but didn't for some weird reason I now regret), and I wanted to pull up to a home I think is beautiful and different than the rest of the houses on the street. My boyfriend now sees the value and we both love it! Definitely a great decision for us.

I also have been looking into some future projects. These things will not happen for awhile (this whole moving and buying furniture thing is expensive! Who knew??), but a girl can dream. I'm thinking I can do at least one of them in the spring time.


I really want to make the mudroom a functional area. Right now it's just a room with a closet, which is fine, but I really want a bench, a place to put shoes, and some hooks for hanging up stuff.

This is what I have in mind - My dad is already confident it would be pretty easy to make.

Here's the link to the blog with the instructions

I think it would be nice to have a place to sit and take shoes off, and hang up dog leashes (or maybe backpacks for kids in the fairly far future).

Kitchen Backsplash

The next thing I have in mind is some kitchen backsplash! I really want to get this done, because I think it makes such a huge difference, and helps "de-ryanize" the house! I have a few ideas but I can't decide! I also don't know how much it's going to cost so that will also influence when this gets done.

White painted brick backsplash
White subway tile with gray grout
Source: Pinterest
Blue/gray subway (ish) tile
Source: Houzz.com
I like this a lot too - lighter gray with a touch of blue
Source: Houzz.com

Not sure which I like the best but I kind of like the touch of color.

Anyone else have plans to de-ryanize their home after moving in?

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