Thursday, October 2, 2014

Locked in Rates & Electric

Rates Locked!

We finally locked in our rates at 4%. Not too shabby! We got scared that the rates would go up since the treasuries have gone up. Plus, it's been hovering around 4% so we doubted it would go down in the next 20 days.

Electrical galore!

We decided to head down the house yesterday to check in on things. We got there before 6 (they normally stay past 6) and no one was there. We saw lights and they had power! Definitely an important step to building a house, right? Power is good.

We also had a Mailbox and house numbers! How weird is it that something like a mailbox is beyond exciting when building a house?

We also had some light fixtures installed out the outside of the house (You can see one of them to the left to the garage) and I really like the iron look! There were also a bunch of light fixtures in the house. I think just about all of them have been installed.

They also graded our front and back yard and our sidewalk, walkway, and porch are all cured and solid!

Another nice surprise that we saw was that they poured the footers for our deck! My bf is beyond excited for that deck! It was nice to see where the footers were poured so we can kind of picture how big the deck will be.


Deck footers!

They also left the door open so I was able to go in and check out the master bath with lights on. Here's a better picture of the tile (not in the dark). I'm pretty happy with it, although I still kind of wish we could have had a slate gray shower. Oh well.

Master Shower

Now, we're on the look out for blinds and a garage door opener. They actually installed a garage door opener and we were SO excited and thought maybe it was just a really nice gesture for being good clients to our PM buuuut they took it out! We were pretty bummed ... so now we're looking for one again. There are some fancy garage door openers out there!

Anyways, we're counting down the days until closing! So excited! I cannot wait!


  1. Looks great! Love the shower. We just got our mailbox the other day too. They also installed the street signs. Like you said, it's funny how such seemingly little things can get you so excited.

    1. Thanks! I was worried about the dark tile in the shower but I like it! Your home is looking great too!

  2. Oh gosh! It's soooo close! Looking great! I'm interested in what blind options you all are considering too.

    1. I know! We're crazy close!

      We're not sure about the blinds yet. We went to Avalon to look at their custom blinds and we found ones we LOVE but they would be about $800 a window! That is not something we can afford right now sooo we're going to try lowes. I like cloth material shades because it seems like they'd stay cleaner than the shutter like shades. I like the look of shutter shades but I just think of all the dust collecting on them and how annoying they are to clean. Lowes is having a sale on shades so we might pop over there to take a look. If we don't find anything we really like we'll just end up getting a basic one for the powder room window for now so no one can see in when someone's doing their business!

    2. $800 PER window? Oh Em Gee! Yes, that is a pretty penny! I was curious because we went to visit our community and by the time we arrived, it was dark. I was amazed at how many homes lacked window treatment. Our broker told us to make sure we have that figured out first. I too love the look of the shutter blinds but also realize the pain they will cause when I have to dust them. I think we are going to go with faux wood ones (probably a white color). They were not very expensive and the installation was so cheap ($15 per window). This is probably something we can tackle but we figured we would let the pro do it and it would be less time and possible headaches for us.
      I hope you do a post on good stuff you find or what you ultimately decide to go with!

    3. I know! $800! I was like ummm thanks but no thanks. I do like shutter blinds so we may go with that. We're going to go to Lowes at some point and look at what they have to offer (we're running out of time!). $15 a window is actually really good! I would have someone instal it for that too! Not worth the headache especially since you'll be busy doing a ton of other stuff for the house!

      I'll definitely do posts with that kind of stuff included. Our schedules are so packed the next few weeks that we may not have time (or money) to get blinds until after we move in, but I plan on doing some posts after that anyways!

  3. LaurLew - HOORAY!!! Everything is looking good! What day did ya'll lock your rate? We didn't get down to 4%, we're at 4.375% I think.
    We also need to look for blinds and a garage door opener - thanks for that reminder, I had forgotten!!! I've been focused on décor' and furniture!
    That's one pretty mailbox too!!!

    1. Thanks LuLu! You're house is looking beautiful as well! We locked in our rate on Tuesday, so really recently. We're predicting rates will be going up though because of the PIMCO situation.

      There are so many things to remember isn't there? I'm like "crap .. I did not budget for all of this!" haha! We were reminded about the garage door opener when we saw that one was installed in our garage - we thought we'd be able to keep it but it was gone the next time we stopped over :(
      Haha Loving our mailbox!