Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Pre-Settlement Meeting

It has been awhile since I've updated but life has been CRAZY lately. Finally, the storm has ended and I can finally breathe!

Old picture - We have a tree now!

Yesterday, we had our Pre-Settlement meeting. It was pretty quick and painless. It only took us about an hour and a half. Our PM seems to have these meetings down to a science. I know a lot of people take about 3 hours but we've gone through all of our meetings faster than the average. Maybe because my bf has met with our PM a few times in between the Pre-Drywall meeting and yesterday.

Our PM started by going over how things will work over the next year. He and his crew will check back in with us at the 30 day mark. He told us to keep a list of things we find while living there and he'll fix everything that happens within the first 30 days. After that we have a 10 month check in, but this is with Ryan Homes' service department and our PM is not involved with that (bummer). Then I believe he said we have ANOTHER check in at the year mark, and this will be with the service department as well.

We started on the first floor and he turned on all the faucets and appliances so we could see that they work. He showed us how to turn off the water to the sink and the dishwasher. We went over the fireplace and the thermostat and all that good stuff. My bf and I also opened all the windows and checked all of the outlets. I also took my shoes off and walked on the edge of the carpet (separating the great room from the kitchen) to make sure there were no metal pieces that will poke feet when walking barefoot. There were quite a few so I asked him to fix that. I understand that carpet is put down with tack strips buuut that doesn't mean it's okay for them to poke your feet.

We did the same stuff upstairs, thermostat, turned off and on lights, checked placement of toilet paper holders and towel holders, turned on sinks and showers, flushed toilets, tested outlets, etc etc. We also just looked over things to make sure drywall and trim looked good. In the basement we went over the water heater, where to turn off the water, how to turn off the water to different hose bibs, and all that good stuff.

We noticed a few things we wanted fixed:
  • Tack strip in carpet needs to be fixed so you can't feel the tack strip
  • Bump in the drywall on basement wall
  • Window in office not right - doesn't lock and gets stuck
  • Kitchen cabinets - a gap between two cabinets is a lot wider than I would like
  • Light by deck is crooked and loose
  • Crooked outlet in hallway
I think that's about it. I'm probably missing a few things.

We also noticed that our sod is looking awesome! We've had PERFECT weather for sod. It's cooled down a lot and there has been a good amount of rain. It's already planted its roots.

Our PM also confirmed that our door is "Farmhouse Red," so I will be painting it to a brighter red.
I also asked about painting interior doors within the house and he said that won't void any warranties, which is awesome! I know I want to atleast paint the interior side of our front door and maybe some other's as well. I think I may paint part of the pantry door with chalkboard paint too so we can write grocery lists or little notes on it.

Our PM also went over some tips about the sump pump, water heater, turning off water when going on vacation, sealing all the tile in the house, and some other stuff too. We also got a giant folder of stuff we can look over.

I didn't get any pictures, because I'm a slacker! We close on Wednesday (aka tomorrow .. what??) so I'll take pictures then.

My dad and I also finished the legs of the table and started staining! Here are some updated pictures of that! We'll be putting the pieces together once we move.

Just because I want to finish my countdown list - Here are some more of my top 10 favorite things about our new home!

6 Days from Closing - Tile in bathrooms

I'm so glad we splurged and got nice tile in all of our bathrooms! It looks so nice!

5 Days from Closing - Upgraded carpets on first floor

We decided to splurge and get level C carpets downstairs. A friend of ours who built a Ryan Home did the same and their carpet was so soft that it swayed our decision to get standard carpet. It feel so nice on my feet!

4 Days from Closing - Storage!

Storage galore! I can't wait to have places to put stuff! Nothing will look cluttered and it will be fabulous!

3 Days from Closing - Finished basement

Getting a finished basement is really nice! I think it has really added value to the home and we want to eventually put a bar down there. Basically, it will be a man cave, but it will be awesome.

2 Days from Closing - Morning Room

I seriously love our morning room! I think it makes the whole downstairs look more open and the light that comes in is fabulous! Part of me wishes we had gotten the two extra windows but I still love it! It was definitely a pricey upgrade but so so worth it.

1 DAY FROM CLOSING!!!! - Our fireplace

Yesterday at our pre-construction meeting our PM had our fireplace on. It was so pretty! I am so happy we got one! I can't wait to decorate it during Christmas season and hang up stockings. Plus, you can run it with batteries if your power goes out so you can keep warm. I also love the slate inlay I picked. I love my fireplace!

So, that's about it for now! We close TOMORROW!! We'll gradually move stuff over throughout the week and then we're doing the big move on Saturday. I can't wait!!!


  1. How exciting??? I am soooo happy things went nice, smooth and quick for you all. I don't know how I feel about everyone closing...I will miss all the updates! (sad face)

    Your table is going to be grand! I can't wait to see the final pics.

    1. Thanks Eboni! I will definitely keep updating things. I'm sure I'll get bored and need to do more projects so I'll try and do updates about those!

      I'm pretty excited for the table! It's turning out to be really nice! Pretty proud of it! haha!

  2. Congrats! The table looks awesome!

  3. Gorgeous table! I wish I had that kind of talent. Please keep the updates coming!

    1. Thanks Natasha! It was definitely challenging! Thankful that my dad was there to help! I hope everything is going smoothly for you as well!

  4. Love the table and the house looks great! Happy moving in!

  5. Yayyyyy! Congrats! I can't wait to see pics!

    1. Thanks Bridget! I'll definitely be posting some pics of everything!

  6. Yay! Yay! Yay! So glad your day is here! Can't wait to see all of the final pictures! Your table looks AWESOME! And glad your "fix list" wasn't too bad! Your countdown list is almost the exact same as mine!!! So happy for ya'll!!!

  7. Hope everything went well at settlement.