Monday, August 4, 2014

Foundation & an Ugly Couch!

We swung by the house this past Saturday to see what the progress was. My boyfriend hadn't been there in weeks and I hadn't been there since we initially broke ground. We brought the dogs (which wasn't the brightest idea) and all of us sunk into the mud. My poor car is still muddy :(

As of Saturday they had the main foundation poured (basement walls). Apparently, today they will be water proofing the foundation, then there will be two county inspections, and then they'll pour our basement floor. There is some PVC pipes under the ground so I'm guessing the county wants to make sure those look okay before they seal them under concrete. According to our PM, our county has a LOT of inspections .. way more than average, which is definitely good for us, but I'm thinking it may make our process slightly longer than average since they always have to stop working while waiting for inspections.

Anyways, here are some pictures. I'm going to take a picture of the house each week from the same spots. I know Frank C is also planning on doing something like this with his home.



In other news, I bought an ugly couch this past weekend for $60. I know... what am I going to do with 3 couches? Don't worry! I got this all planned out! I love Ryan Homes furniture planner on their online interactive floor plan. I just measure out my furniture and place it where I want so now I know where everything is going to fit! I love it, because I know if they didn't have something like this, I would have drawn out an exact floor plan on graph paper, because I'm weird like that. This girl used to draw out house floor plans to map out the route for my sister and myself for Christmas morning. Wake-up, get mom and dad, go downstairs, stockings first, and then the Christmas tree! I really should have been an architect .. or maybe a pirate ..
I saw this couch at the Habitat store a few weeks ago and everyone talked me out of it. I fell in love with it right away but I knew it had to reupholstered. The shape is awesome, it's in good condition, buuut it's pretty darn ugly with the current old, stained, pink velvet upholstery. I have NEVER reupholstered anything and I'm not great on a sewing machine. People with common sense told me to just forget about it and maybe start with a chair at some point in the future. Well, I didn't listen (shocker), and I kept thinking about it and how much I would love a bright teal couch and this would be perfect sooooo I bought it.
Here it is, in all of it's ugly & stained glory...
This is what I hope to do with it (excuse the screenshot from my phone - this photo was not cooperating when I tried saving it so I just had to take a screenshot). I found this picture on pinterest.

I'm pretty excited to try this! I have never reupholstered so I'm hoping it's easier than it sounds. I've heard mixed things about it. Some say it's way easier than you would think while others say it was an awful and difficult process. We'll see, I guess! Now, I just have to get some fabric.
Quick note: We still haven't really done much about them telling us our deck was Trex but it's really not. Apparently the brand we are getting GeoDeck. We have had an AWFUL time finding stuff on this brand other than a few bad reviews and reports of lawsuits in the past. We can't find anything on price though. We want to gather as much information on it as possible so we can argue that it isn't worth as much as the Trex material deck we were originally told we were getting. Our PM kept arguing that it's a good product and the SR should never have told us they use Trex, blah blah blah. I understand that the SR mispoke but that's really not my problem. This is a business deal. If I did this with a customer or other company at my job do you think they'd be like "Oh, you mis-spoke?? No problem! Don't even worry about it! We'll take the cheaper product! I'm sure they're the same quality anyways!"? No, they wouldn't. I'll keep things updated on what ends up happening with that. I'm hoping they can at least put some pendant lighting rough-ins for us. I mean, how much would that even cost them really?? A couple hundred bucks?


  1. Oh my... That couch is horrid. Lol!! I think the pink threw me. I definitely want I see pics when you are done with that!!! The after pic is great!

    Yeah, the mis-spoke thing would not fly with me either. That's just straight up garbage. This is a couple hundred thousand dollar deal. I swear it's like the SR's don't get it. You aren't selling a gym membership, you are selling a HOME! Good luck!

    1. Hahahaha! It is awful right now! The fabric is just ridiculously terrible. I LOVE the shape though. I showed a picture of it to my boyfriend and he just cringed and shook his head! Lol! I just told him to trust me and that it will look great!

      Yea .. the mis-spoke excuse is BS. If this were a small company I feel like they would stick to their word no problem, or at least offer to compensate us but of course Ryan Homes tries to make up excuses. Idk why they can't just be like, sorry for our mistake, we'll throw in some light rough-ins and a couple extra outlets. That's just good business in my opinion, and would cost them next to nothing to do. I guess working with a huge company has its perks (much faster process) but when it comes to customer service and small changes they're a pain in the ass!

  2. Yay for progress! And I LOVE that couch. I cannot wait to see you make it over! :) I finally stopped by Habitat last weekend and I fell in love. I will definitely be going there more!

    1. Thanks! I love it too! I'm pretty excited to start working on it! I'm hoping it isn't too daunting of a project!

      I'm glad you made it out to Habitat! Isn't it awesome??? I love it! It can be addicting though. I've been forbidden to go back for at least a month, because I always buy something when I go. haha!