Monday, August 25, 2014

We have a house! (Pictures Galore)

This past Friday we made our weekly drive to check things out and things are looking beautiful!!

The house is pretty much completely framed! On our way there our PM left us a voicemail letting us know they'd be finishing up framing over the weekend and this week they'll start the mechanical stuff (plumbing, heating, etc). Pretty exciting!!

It is SO nice to see our elevation in person. We couldn't even find pictures of our elevation (Palermo Elevation E), other than the computer generated images on Ryan Home's website. I LOVE it. We have a gorgeous second floor window on the front of the home, a nice big window over the garage, and longer windows in the front. I also love that we have three peaks. I think it gives the home a lot of visual interest. I really had to fight to convince my boyfriend to upgrade to this Elevation so I'm so glad it was worth it, and we both love it! It's a pretty sexy house, if I do say so myself!




Good view of the yard! (Silk fence is pretty accurate of how our yard will look)

We wen't inside and walked around which was so cool! It's awesome to really see where you're going to put your couch and where you'll be cooking dinner. We also realized that that HUGE window in the front is actually in a bedroom (not the master, unfortunately) so one of our future children will be VERY lucky. For now though, we have no idea what to do with the room. Maybe a guest room? Curtains for that window will be a bitch though ...

Standing in kitchen looking at part of great room and the office

Fireplace! Can't wait!

Looking into the kitchen and morning room

Looking from the morning room into the Dining room

Dining room - Loving these long windows! (Came with our elevation)


Looking down the hall into the Master

Fancy window in guest room - Would love to build a cushioned bench under that window for reading

Basement (under the morning room) with our Egress window (Love that it doesn't have to be cased in)

More Basement

We also found out the tree we'll probably be getting is a Weeping Cherry tree. I creeped and took a picture of our neighbors and showed my mom. She's crazy about gardening and plants so she identified it immediately. I googled pictures of them and they're really pretty! This is what it looks like now .. just a baby.

Other than that we bought a new ceiling fan for the great room ...
I also got a cheap black doormat (from Home Goods for like $9) and painted it! It turned out really cute! I love it!

Also, I'm living at my parents house for the next week. The girl who was dog sitting our puppy went back to school so my dad is going to watch Bear while I'm at work for the week. After work I'll just go there and take over. This has given me time to do some of the projects like that couch!

We started taking the fabric off yesterday! Yikes! It's pretty daunting! Soooo many staples that you have to take out! It's ridiculous how many staples are in this sucker! We got a large amount of the fabric off but still have a little more to go.

I have a little bit more accomplished now than the picture shows. It's taking forever!

Bear helped - AKA he used the couch as a cave and played while we worked

We also should hearing back from our SR about them compensating us for the deck mistake. She said she'd have an answer to us by today but haven't heard anything yet. We requested that they A) Use Trex materials like they said or B)compensate us for the price difference by throwing in recessed lighting above the fireplace and throwing in some pendant lighting rough-ins above the island. It was being reviewed by management over the last week. I'll be sure to update with their offer.



  1. Looks great! Your build is at almost the same stage as ours. Curious what their telling you for a closing date.

    1. They actually haven't given us a date yet! I'll definitely put it on here once we find out, but as of now we're guessing the last week of October.

  2. Wow! Everything is looking great - you have a house skeleton! Can't wait to see what you do with the couch!!!

    1. Thanks! We love our house skeleton!

      I can't wait to see how it turns out! I'm so glad my mom is good with this stuff too because the longer I work on it the more I realize how much work it's going to be! Doing this on my own would have been beyond challenging!

  3. Your home is coming along wonderfully! Thumbs up!!!

  4. Holy
    Smokes that was fast!!! We still have just a foundation. They are finishing with framing one one house, then there is another ahead of us. It seems like after we had our meeting with the president things in the subdivision started moving at a crazy pace. The fire was lit under their asses! Lol.

    I'm jealous of October. They are still telling us December which leads me to to believe we picked the slowest Ryan community ever...

    1. It was so fast! It's crazy how fast they can go!

      Waiting is the worst! Good to hear they're hustling a little bit! A meeting with the president will do that! haha! So glad it's gotten better! I'm sure a few people were talked to after that meeting! Hopefully it will be earlier than December especially with them moving quickly again!

  5. Bear is just too cute!!! Everything is looking good!

    1. Thanks! He is a cutie! I hope Rommel is doing well! Getting big fast I'm sure!

      Things are moving so fast! I can't wait for siding!