Monday, August 18, 2014

House Bones!

We went by the house on Friday evening after work to see the progress and they have most of the first floor already framed! Pretty exciting! They said they'll be working on framing for the next week to week and a half.

It's funny how small it looks right now. I know it's not small, but I was looking at the area that is going to be our Great Room and I was thinking "Crap ... Am I going to be able to fit all of my furniture in here???" I guess we'll see!

We were going to talk to our PM again about the deck and the Trex situation on Friay, but when my bf called him he was at a company picnic and he could hear his little girls trying to get him to come play with them. You don't mess with a dad and his daughters so he just told him he'd talk to him on Monday. Hopefully, it gets resolved soon because I'm tired of talking about it and thinking about it.

Helpful information for those getting a GeoDeck with Ryan:
We called the actual decking company on Friday and it looks like they're a really small company. So small that an actual person answers the phone when you call. They were helpful and very nice. We were told that Ryan used their second highest Tier of decking material. We told them we were having a hard time finding enough information about them to compare them to their competitors. She explained that they don't spend much on marketing so they can keep their costs down and focus on quality and costomer service. The main difference with their decking is that it is hollow composite material. Their competitors products are basically lumper covered in composite material (this is how she desribed it). GeoDeck materials are hollow so it cuts costs and they don't have to use any type of woof filler that often causes problems (this is what caused problems for Trex in their lawsuit a few years ago). She admitted that Trex is a stronger deck than GeoDeck, but it's strong enough to easily hold people because it's built and designed to disperse weight so it's evenly distributed across the deck. However, if you were to drop a dumbell off of your roof on to a GeoDeck (or a tree fell on your deck) it would go right through, while a Trex deck would stay put. In the end, we're okay with their product. Oh, and she said their product NEVER fades unlike competitors. She attributed this to the fact that they are hollow and completely composite. Our problem now is that Ryan Homes thinks they can get away quoting a more expensive product than they're actually giving you.

Interest Rate News:
My boyfriend was sent the "Cost Analysis Worksheet" from our rep at NVR. Interest rates are at 3.75% right now! We can't lock in our rate until 2 months away from Settlement (I think) so I hope they continue to stay that low! That would be awesome!!

In other news, I bought a few things over the last few weeks for the home. I got curtains for our bedroom, the great room, and the morning room (HomeGoods - If you've never been to one, find one, and go). I also got the fabric for the couch I'm reupholstering. I went to an art show this weekend too and got this super cute metal frog for the garden. Kind of a frivolous purchase but he was so cute and pretty cheap ($25) so I couldn't resist! Plus, he's handmade by the artist I met there and one of a kind!

Bedroom Curtains - I'm adding blackout material to these too

My frog for the garden! Love it!

Oh, and remember that Ethan Allen piece I posted a few weeks ago? Well it was really badly scratched and I kept hearing about this natural way of fixing scratches with Vinegar and Oil (3/4 oil, 1/4 vinegar combo). I was pretty skeptical but figured I'd try it because I know it wouldn't damage the piece at all. It works INCREDIBLY well. It was seriously amazing! I used it on my mom's desk that used to be my grandfather's (really scratched up over the years) and the diffence is like night and day. So, if you like to re-do furniture like me, or have an old piece that's kinda scratched up, try this! All you do is rub it in (don't have to use a ton of it) and then let it soak into the wood. I let mine soak into the wood for about 6 hours and then rubbed off most of the excess (I put a ton on it at first) and then just let it sit for awhile. I used Apple Cider Vinegar and Olive Oil but you can use whatever you have on hand (Canola oil and regular white vinegar is cheapest). You see the effects immediately though. It's magic. I don't know how it works, but it does. I'll try and post before and after pictures next week. The pieces are at my parent's house so I'll take pics next weekend when I'm there trying to tackle that ugly couch.

And here are pictures of our beautiful first floor all framed up!




Left side - Foyer, Bathroom, Dining Room / Right - Kitchen/Morning Room & Great Room

Left - Great Room / Right - Office


Doors and windows! We're one of the only one's who have the little windows on the side of the door which I like! I need an easy way to look outside to make sure it's really the pizza guy at my door and not some creeper!
Side Note: When looking around we found some "Cerveza" cans on the ground. I'm really hoping they're waiting to drink a beer or two at the end of their day and I don't have a bunch of tipsy people working on our house! Kind of weird to find beer cans hanging around your house that's under construction. Thankfully we only saw 1 or 2 cans but still odd, and a little bit concerning. If you're gonna drink on the job at least get rid of the evidence! Rookies.



  1. This was great! Where should I start???

    First, I'm so excited for your bones and the great finds at Home Goods and the art show. One-of-a-kind pieces are so cool as elements in a home (IMO). I do not have any used pieces to bring back to life, but I WILL remember this little potion of magic! That's awesome and super inexpensive. Lastly, the beer! I seriously LOL'd because I was thinking the same thing before I finished reading...if you're gonna do something dumb, at least get rid of the evidence.
    I must admit that watching them actually build is even scarier. I have see some "spare of the moment" type gestures...I was thinking...hey it's a home. Perhaps you should measure that or not be fully engaged in conversation while attaching a roof. But I am no builder...perhaps attention to detail is not needed. LOL

    Anywho...many congrats!!!

    1. Hahaha when we saw the beer can we just kind of laughed! I've seen the same thing! They don't look like they're paying attention at all sometimes and they're putting up a wall. I'm like "Umm isn't that important?" I guess they do it so much that's its just second nature. As long as they're not drunk and hammering away without looking then I'm not too worried about it! Can't really blame them because sometimes I wish I could have a beer at work too!

  2. Looks like they made pretty good progress. I wouldn't feel that great about finding beer cans around the work site too. My wife and I walked through ours the other day and saw the guys had a microwave sitting in our living room. That didn't bother me, cause ya gotta eat lunch.

    1. Yea! They work fast! The beer is a tiny bit concerning but as long as they're not drunk and stupid I don't really care too much. Drunk and building stuff doesn't sound like a good combination.

  3. So many updates today! The bones look great - they are moving right along so quickly! Love your Homegoods selections - too cute! I really hope rates stay that low as well - 3.75% is AWESOME! Lastly - glad you're satisfied with the GeoDeck - still not cool to pull the switcheroo from Trex, but it's nice to know it's a good product.

    1. They move so quickly! I can't wait to see it this weekend!

      I love me some Home Goods! Some stuff they have is still over priced but I couldn't find cheaper curtains anywhere! They have 2 panel sets anywhere from $15-$40. Mine were $20. $10 a panel is cheaper than it would cost me to make them myself too!

      I'm glad GeoDeck is good too! They seem pretty decent. It's still a little concerning since its SUCH a small company and we can't find any reviews. They seem to stand behind their product/company but I never fully trust any company.

  4. Looks so good! That is incredible the rates are that good! I hope you get to move forward with locking them in soon. :) I'm sure our developer will be using the same type of material. It doesn't sound like that bad of a material, so that's a relief because I was honestly curious about the possibilities. By the way, that is an ADORABLE frog!!! Haha I love it!

    1. I'm definitely hoping the rates stay that low! Would be awesome! Yea, it's likely that you'll have the same deck. Thankfully it sounds like a decent product!

      Thanks! I love my frog! My boyfriend just laughed at me for buying it but I don't care!